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    Zhejiang Wenzhou Yun Xin Auto Parts CO.,Ltd,Founded in 2006, is a leading and professional manufacturer of automobile fuel-pump Strainer integrating R&D, design, production and sale. Our company boasts strong strengths in technology and development, time-honored production experience, advanced manufacturing technologies and well-developed manufacturing processes. We've successively imported advanced productionequipment and precision testing instruments from various countries such as Japan, Germany and America. Apart from sound and perfect quality assurance system, we passed the certificat...

    Product Center

    Automechanika Shanghai 2020

    Automechanika Shanghai 2020
    Booth No. 1.1 F13
    Wenzhou Yunxin Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. Expect your visit!

    +86-577-86600530 info@xindelw.com xindelw xindelw